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Net Weight: 100g

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Check Soap Ingredients Below

Made without harsh chemicals like parabens, and sulfates. Never tested on animals and always made in the USA

Green Tea and Lemongrass Soap

Saponified plant oils, lemon grass essential oil, dried green tea, dried lemongrass

Charcoal and Turmeric Soap

Saponified plant oils, charcoal powder, turmeric, lemon essential oil.

Turmeric and Honey

Saponified plant oils, turmeric, honey, callendula flowers.


Saponified plant oils, rose geranium essential oil, rose essential oil, dried rose petals, rose kaolin clay

Lavendar and Lemongrass

Saponified plant oils, lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, lavender buds, dried lemon

Sunny Day

Saponified plant oils, sunflower oil, lemon essential oil, sweet orange oil, glycerin, shea butter

Relaxing Spa Day

Saponified plant oils, lavender and rosemary essential oil, flower petals, lavender buds, menthol, peppermint

Milk and Honey

Aponified plant oils, glycerin, goats milk, raw honey, fragrance oil

Oatmeal, goat’s milk, and Honey

Saponified plant oils, shea butter, goats milk, oats, honey, vitamin E oil

Cinnamon, Cocoa, Vanilla Soap

Saponified plant oils, cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa fragrance oil, cocoa powder, cinnamon stick


Saponified plant oils, sweet Orange, Bergamot, Tea Tree, Litsea essential oils, natural mica, food grade colorants


Saponified plant oils, frankinscense, lavender, cedarwood, fragrance, natural mica, food grade colorants

 “The Sampler” bar pack consists of Pine Tar, Bay Rum, Cedar Citrus, Tea Tree Mint and Wood & Whiskey bar soaps.  The best of all worlds. A sampling of all of our bar soaps bundled together for a superior grooming routine and that’s why we named this pack “The Sampler”.

Powerful Plants | Enjoy a luxurious lather, that rinses easily. Vegetable glycerin naturally moisturizes, leaving your hands feeling soft and refreshed. Unlike harsh chemical detergents or SLS-based soaps that leave your skin dry and cracking. Relief for folks with sensitive skin!

1 x Pine Tar 

 Rugged, woodsy scent is a classic and always a favorite of those who like bold scents.  Soap Size: Net Wt. 5 oz  

1 x Bay Rum

An aromatic blend of cloves, cinnamon,, pine and sweet citrus top notes transforms your shower into tropical Jamaican beaches. Soap Size: Net Wt. 5 oz  

1 x Cedar Citrus

Cedar, Sage and Citrus essential oils combine in this refreshing bar to produce a clean, yet earthy aroma that is distinctly bold and masculine. Soap Size: Net Wt. 5 oz

1 x Tea Tree Mint

Herbal tea tree and energizing peppermint. Tea Tree mint is also a natural anti-inflammatory known to heal and repair body and face acne.

1 x Wood & Whiskey

Sandalwood and bourbon scents with rich amber tones and spice top notes combine in this refined classic bar for a sophisticated aroma. Soap Size: Net Wt. 5 oz    


“We cannot be held responsible for any allergies or adverse reactions when using our products. Before use, carefully check the ingredients list and test on a small patch of skin.”

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